Viking Shield Design #1 (in Oxidized Iron)

Viking Shield Design #1 (in Oxidized Iron)

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Custom Painted Viking Shield (in Oxidized Iron)

Colors and paint vary from shield to shield! These are all hand-crafted.

I use a multi-layered approach for all minifig shields. I start with a plastic-adhesive spray paint and finish each element with a special metallic paint that I rub on by hand to give each piece an authentic-looking worn/oxidized bronze or iron finish. Every piece is unique because of this.

All designs have been created electronically and are generally based on historically accurate designs that have caught my eye. 

*For resin-printed shields, like all resin-printed parts, you should expect some occasional variability in appearance or fit. But the machines & tools have improved so much that most hobbyists and collectors feel that fidelity, precision and quality are typically excellent.